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Teacher Resources


General Resources

Sign up free to be a member! You will have access to worksheets (D'Nealian Alphabet, money, number, plus more), clipart and other resources that may come in handy.

PreSchool Printables
A great site designed for Preschool teachers. Contains awards, file folder games, center signs, etc.

Kinder Korner
This resource for pre-K to second grade teachers is packed with thematic units, useful links, and tips for teaching.

Teacher Vision
A site where you can find many useful links pertaining to teaching, including a link for lessons, printables, etc.

Kathy Schrock's Home Page
A site that contains many useful lesson ideas, plus more!

Kidz Club
Check out this site to find printables for the ABC's! There are also other printables available.

This website provides a excellent list of links that you will find very helpful!! You will find mini-books to print out and other printables.

Primary Games
This site contains many online activities that you may be to use in the classroom or at home with your own young children.

Center Signs
At this site you can print out some pre-made center signs.

Kindergarten Math Games
This link directs you a list of online math activities.

Harcourt School
Go to this site examine the resources available from Harcourt. Go to the Learning Site>Reading>Trophies>Then enter password. Please remember that you need to register by clicking the regration button.

Classroom Behavior

Social Stories Examples
This site contains several example of how to write a Social Story.

Visual Supports
At this site you will find examples of visual daily schedules, mini-schedules and other examples of visual supports.

Do To Learn
This website provides a variety of useful information including a large amount of FREE picture cards ready to pint out!

Use Visual Strategies
This site give basic information about visual strategies and included an area where you can purchase useful items.

ABC Sites

Learning the letters
This site contains activities to learn each letter of the alphabet

First School alphabet ideas
Very nice site. Has several printables that you can use.

Ebook Sites



Rhyming Links

Get Ready to Read!
This site has some wonderful interactive games that you could to do with your students using the SMART Board.

Enchanted Learning Rebus Rhymes
This site contains several Rebus Rhymes.

Scholastic Rhyming Game
Reggie loves to rhyme game. Visit different places with Reggie to find rhyming words. Great activity for the SMART Board.



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